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San Carlos Holly Street/101 Interchange Improvements
San Carlos is now (August 2012) studying alternatives for improvements to the 101/Holly Street interchange. This covers Holly Street from the intersection on the west side with Industrial, Holly Street over 101 and to Shoreway Road on the east side of 101. Improvements are to include bicycle and pedestrian accomodation improvements.

Details at San Carlos Holly Street/101 Interchange Improvements
View our commemts at:


Bart More than Doubles the number of Bike Lockers

Over the last few months BART has installed 336 new electronic bike lockers at 19 stations. This is the second deployment of lockers around the BART system. Unlike older generations of keyed lockers, which had one user per locker, these are shared use electronic lockers which allow multiple users. Most of the lockers are in the East Bay, but there are 20 at the Daly City Station. For information on using these lockers go to the BART Webpage: or the BikeSMC page Bikes On Transit


City of San Mateo moves closer toward Complete Streets

Last week two pedestrian facilities improvement projects marched steps closer to implementation after the February 8 City of San Mateo Public Works Commission voted by Resolution to move them to City Council for approval.

The Hacienda Pedestrian Safety Improvements, , will add sidewalks and remove parking on both sides of Hacienda Street between 31 Avenue and Louise Lane.  An added benefit of this project is that removal of on-street parking will remove the threat of dooring on an already designated Class III Bike Route.

The 42nd Avenue Mid-Block Crosswalk, will relocate an existing mid-block crosswalk installed on 42nd Avenue to provide pedestrian access between the Alpha Beacon School site on the south side of 42nd Avenue and the Hope Lutheran Church site on the northern side of 42nd Avenue. The alternative crosswalk location is approximately 65 feet east of the current crosswalk location and aligns with both the school entrance pathway and the church access path.

BikeSanMateoCounty applauds the Public Works staff for its sensitivity in listening to resident concerns to develop infrastructure solutions that truly meet community needs and that move its city forward in compliance with the Complete Streets Act.  In addition, we have offered to submit letters of support when funding opportunities arise for these projects.

Now Open Belmont Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge over 101 at Ralston

The new Belmont bicycle/pedestrian bridge opened November 19 2011. The bridge crosses 101 just north of Ralston.
Some pictures below more at our Belmont bridge webpage

View of the bridge from the west side of 101                View of the bridge from the east side of 101

Bridge entrance west side of 101                                 Bridge entrance at the baseball field east side of 101
Watch for right turning traffic
Unique Ped/Bike Actuated No Right
Turn Lights

New At
Each city in San Mateo County should have a bike plan, a pedestrian plan and a staff person assigned to pedestrian and bicycle issues. In addition each city has ongoing and upcoming projects that will impact bicycle and pedestrian access. Finding the bike and pedestrian plans can be difficult and knowing which projects will impact bicyclists and pedestrians is very difficult. To make this easier, Bike San Mateo County is developing for each city a reference page with links and information and bike and pedestrians plans, city contact information and a listing of projects with a signficant impact upon bicyclists and pedestrians. This is a work in progress to be updated as we complete a page for each city. Your feedback is requested to make this accurage and useful. Click here or at the City Links and Contact on the menu.

Update: September 31 2011  ONE MORE TIME  
Back in October 2009, we started a campaign to get the unused railroad tracks crossing Old County Road in San Carlos removed. For decades these unused tracks have caused numerous crashes of bicyclists and we want to see them removed. In our first attempt we were successful in getting the city to review the need for the tracks and obtain approval for their removal. However removal costs money which was not available at the time.

We now have a new opportunity. San Carlos has funding for a East Side Connect Project which is to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety in this area including Old County Road. Details on this are available at:

Bike San Mateo has already requested the removal of these tracks be included in this project. A copy of our letter to Al Savay, Acting Public Work Director is available at:

To make this happen we need your support. The approval for the tracks removal is complete, this project could provide the funding and we need to let San Carlos know we want this item included.

Write an email to Al Savay at and request this be included in this project.

Update September 31 A presentation on the East Side Connect projects was given to the San Carlos City Council in the September 26 City Council meeting. The removal of the track was included in the presentation included 4 powerpoint slides in the presentation  included defining the tracks as a known safety hazard to bicyclists and bicyclists have been requesting the tracks removal. Pictures showing the odd angle the tracks cross Old County were included. The issue is being taken seriously and the city staff is reviewing again the track ownership and other properly right issues to determine what is required to remove the tracks. All the City Council members supported the track removal and there was significant discussions among the council members on how removal could be accomplished. For now the track removal is not included in the project proposal as they are waiting to determine the legal issues before moving further. We made an additional public statement at this meeting requesting the removal be included in this project.

We continue to encourage you to contact either Al Savay and/or the San Carlos City Council members to support the track removal.

More Details

September 1 2011

The final draft of the San Mateo County Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan (CBPP) has been released and is available at:    or we have placed a copy of the final draft at:[1].pdf  

This will be presented September 8 to the C/CAG board for final approval.

August 23 2011

Crystal Springs Regional Trail Update

Full funding for the South of the Dam section has been secured and construction will be done in the Summer of 2012
Partial funding for the South of 92 section has been secured.

SMC Division of Parks is asking for your input.

County Parks seeks your input! We'd like to learn more about the users of the Crystal Springs Regional Trail. As we continue to design and construct additional sections of the trail, it is important for us to gather information about trail use and trail user opinions. And as the trail system gets busier, it is important for us to get feedback from users about their experiences on the trail.
Please tell us what you think.
Thank you for your participation.

Link to the survey:

Please take the time to complete their survey.

BART Bicycle Plan

In 2002 BART created their first bicycle plan, a new plan is being developed by BART and their consultant: Elsen/Letunic Transportation, Environmental and Urban Planning.

You can take their survey at:  

Help Plan the Future of Bikes on BART

In 2002 BART created its first Bicycle Access and Bicycle Parking plan. Now almost ten years later, thanks to a Caltrans grant, the plan is being updated. A lot has changed in ten years. For example, the percentage of riders using a bicycle to get to BART has almost doubled. We offer more options for parking bicycles including Bike Stations at the Embarcadero, Fruitvale, Downtown Berkeley and Ashby stations and we’re in the process of adding up to 1,000 new electronic bike lockers at 25 stations.

Some things have stayed the same, too. It’s still a priority to accommodate bicycles on trains whenever possible and to provide safe, secure bike parking when you can’t take your bike on BART. It’s also still important for us to hear from BART riders about what we should be doing to make it easier to bike to BART and easier to share the space on trains with all passengers.

We want to hear from both riders who use their bikes as part of their BART trip and those who don’t bike but share the train with bicyclists. Please take a few minutes to complete the BART Bicycle Survey so we can better understand your thoughts and opinions about bikes and BART. Five respondents will win $50 BART tickets.

More details to follow soon

El Camino Real Sharrows in Millbrae

In the past few weeks sharrows have been installed on the asphalt at approximately 50' intervals from Linden Avenue northward to Center Street in the eastern-most traffic lane; and from Center Street southward to Taylor Avenue in the western-most traffic lane. It appears that they are being done in conjunction with the Victoria Avenue traffic signal project which will provide a greater degree of safety to pedestrians. This remarkable bicycle enhancement signifies that the Grand Boulevard Initiative is truly a multi-modal endeavor. It fulfills the acknowledgment in its recently adopted Bicycle Master Plan that the City of Millbrae recognizes the importance of the San Mateo County North-South Bicycle Commuter Route.

July Fourth 2011 Redwood City Parade

Thanks to all those who help make our 1862 Fire Engine Float and those that joined us in the parade. The weather was ideal, and everyone had a great time. Some pictures below

For Pictures of past parades go to our activities pages Parades

Floor air pumps loaned for bicycle events

The Peninsula Health Care District made a donation to purchase floor air pumps that were used at the Bike to Work Day Energizer stations in May. They can be made available for organized cycling events in San Mateo County throughout the year by applying to the Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance (, or to .There is a $35.00 security deposit on each pump that will be refunded upon the return of the pump.

C/CAG Call For Projects. Individual and BikeSMC Endorsements Requested

As part of the cities efforts to apply for project funding through C/CAG they are asking for individual and BikeSMC endorsements for their projects. There are due from the cities March 17, but they will continue to accept endorsements after these dates. Go to CCAG Call for Projects Endorsement Page for information on the projects and where to submit your endorsement. BikeSMC has submitted a number of endorsements. Read these at: CCAG Call for Projects Endorsement

Update May 2011: The scoring has been completed and the C/CAG BPAC results are available at:[1].pdf

City of San Mateo Bicycle Plan

San Mateo is developing a new bike plan and the draft plan has been released for public reviewing.

The draft plan can be viewed from a link at the city website which is:
or can be download from a bikesmc link which is:

In July 2010, BikeSMC submitted our recommendations on this plan, these original recommendations can be viewed at:  Review our proposed response to the draft plan at: Submit your comments so we can complete  our response. Submit to

Update May 2011 View the San Mateo Public Works review of the draft plan for the San Mateo City Council at:

Update August 2011
Meeting notice  Thursday August 18 7:30 PM San Mateo City Hall Conference room C
Planning Commission study session. More details at:[1].pdf

San Mateo County Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

San Mateo County is also developing a new " San Mateo County Comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan" The draft for public review was released Feb 23 2011 and is available either at the county website:
or at

In August 2010, Bike San Mateo County submitted our original recommendations which are available at:

We submitted a response to the draft plan released in February. Read this at: More information with updated information at our San Mateo County Master Plan Webpage.

On June 23 2011 a meeting was held  at C/CAG with organizations which commented on the draft plan. This meeting was to clarify these comments and discuss how these would be addressed in the final draft. Our summary of this meeting is available at:San Mateo County Master Plan Webpage.

Downtown San Mateo Gets New Bicycle Parking Meter Rings

Thanks to the combined efforts of some dedicated San Mateo bicyclists,  supportive city council members and city staff, a number of parking meter posts were converted to provide bicycle parking by the installation of a bicycle parking meter ring. San Mateo is in the process of replacing the parking meters with a new centralized system, but agreed to keep some of the posts in place and converted to bicycle parking by adding the meter rings. So far eight rings have been installed, our goal is 2 rings per side per block (total of 4 per downtown block). Help show your appreciation by visiting (and shopping) in downtown San Mateo and locking up to the new meter rings. Help us meet our goal by using these rings, asking your friends to use them and then let the city know they work and we need more.


Bike San Mateo County  has released our first version of Crossing 101 by Bicycle

It has been about 1 year in the making, but we are ready with our first version of crossing 101 by bicycle. In this version we have documented and rated all the crossings of 101 in San Mateo County, provided a few pictures of each with a brief description. In addition, this includes a list of possible improvements and includes information of the various hazards encountered when crossing 101 and how to best deal with these hazards. We plan to present this to the various cities and agencies in San Mateo County to educate them on the difficulties bicyclists face when crossing 101. In this first step we do not except to make any fast changes, but we can at least raise awareness and help bicyclists make the best use of the existing facilities. Your continued input and help is needed to further refine and develop this. Please email with any suggestions.

The current version is available at:

Bike Sharing Program Announced

In October 2010 the MTC and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Announced the approval to fund a $7.9 million regional bike sharing pilot project. This will provide 1,000 bicycles at bike sharing stations in San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. This system is expected to be up and running by the end of 2011. More details at our bike share webpage.  See also our trial of a similar bike share system in Washington DC.

Bike San Mateo County went on record in December to not endorse this plan at this time. Our recommendation is to first ensure the streets will safely accommodate bike share users and the limited funds be used  to implement necessary street improvements prior to starting a bike share system. Unless the bike share users feel safe enough to use the system, we are concerned the bike share program will not be successful. By ensuring the streets will properly accommodate bike share users, the chances of a successful bike share system will be greatly increased. Our bike share position letter can be viewed at:

City of San Mateo Pedestrian Master Plan
San Mateo is developing a new Pedestrian Master Plan which includes public meetings. The schedule is to hold the public meetings December 2010 through January 2011 with the draft plan completed  June 2011 and the final plan complete August 2011. Additional information available at: San Mateo Pedestrian Master Plan

Bike Sharing in Washington DC
In November 2010 we tried out Capitalbikeshare in Washington DC. Pictures and impressions at: WashingtonDCBikeshare.

Bike San Mateo County Recommendations: We are frequently asked for our input on local bike issues. Our responses, available at our recommendations page, provides a good idea of our ideas, goals and our vision for San Mateo County.

Bikes Onboard High-Speed Rail

The SFBC BIKES ONboard team has written a resolution to allow roll-on, unboxed bicycle carriage aboard High-Speed Rail, a la the present Caltrain program.  Bike San Mateo County supports the resolution which can be viewed at:

Caltrain Bikes on Board

As of December, all five Bombardier train sets have two bike cars to carry 48 bikes per train, and about half of the fifteen gallery train sets have two bike cars to carry 80 bikes per train. This has been a significant improvement, but bumping is unfortunately expected to continue due to inconsistency in bike capacity among trains with 40, 48, or 80 bike spaces per train. Thanks to the increase in onboard bike capacity in 2009, Caltrain's performance improved, including:  better service reliability; decreased dwell times; additional fare-box revenue from more bicycle passengers; and fewer automobile miles driven, protecting the environment and bolstering public health and safety.  For details, please see  

San Carlos Holly Street 101 Overcrossing Traffic Congestion Mitigation:  

At the December 15 meeting of the Transportation and Circulation commission meeting Alternative D was selected for recommendation. The city council has accepted their recommendation and the next step is the "project study report" which will take at least six months to complete. Alternative D provides for optimized use of the existing Holly Street to curb width and a full partial cloverleaf intersection. Alternative D:
In addition Alternative C which adds the bicycle boulevard to East San Carlos Avenue is to be added to the San Carlos master bicycle plan.
Web link:

San Mateo Hayward Park Area Bicycle Access

On November 12, the City of San Mateo Public Works Commission presented various options to improve bicycle access to and from Caltrain Hayward Park Train Station.  View the options presented at: Pictures of the existing conditions are available in the files section of Google group bikesmc. Filenames starting with smhp for San Mateo Hayward Park.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission's newly released Transportation 2035 Plan for the San Francisco Bay Area: Change in Motion, is now available for viewing online, along with other companion technical reports, at:

News by City Section


A new trail and bridge connecting an existing trail will be constructed from Holbrook-Palmer Park to Watkins Ave at Station Lane.


In March 2007, Belmont changed Alameda De Las Pulgas in front of Claremont High School to narrow the lanes and add diagonal parking spaces on Alameda in front of the high school. This change has made bicycling must more difficult and dangerous requiring bicyclists to take the entire lane, which is made more difficult by fast and inexperienced high school drivers. In April 2009 the City Council voted to:
•     Remove 15 diagonal parking spaces and install a left turn lane on northbound Alameda at the entrance to the Senior parking lot at Chula Vista and a southbound left turn lane onto Chula Vista.       
•     Retain the south x-walk at Chula Vista  
•     Work with SamTrans to relocate the bus stop at Chula Vista to a far side stop at El Verano.
•     Retain a Consulting Traffic Engineer to study left turn solution and bike path plan.

A 2,448' bicycle/pedestrian bridge will be constructed crossing 101 just north of Ralston. It will cross 101 between Hiller Street and the Belmont Sports Complex Conference Center

A plan to build bridge got a shot in the arm after sitting on the shelf for 9 years.  The total project cost is $9.5 million. Funding sources include:
• $7.2 million from Federal (ARRA-TE, SAFETEA-LU Demo);
• $1.0 million from State (Transportation Development Act, Bicycle Transportation Account, Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation) secured by the successful lobbying efforts of C/CAG’s Executive Director Richard Napier;
• $0.7 million from local (City of Belmont, BAAQMD Bicycle Facility Program); and
• $0.6 million from New Measure A.
Final design and environmental clearance have been completed and necessary permits are secured. The construction contract will be awarded by December 31, 2009 and the project is scheduled to be completed by November 2010. New Measure A funding would be used for construction.

Status:  Construction of the bridge started May 2010 with an estimated completion June 2010. More information at our webpage


The parts for a pedestrian actuated traffic signal are on order to complete crossing at the terminus of the new bike/ped bridge at Broadway and Rollins Road, with hopeful completion mid-January 2010.

Bike lanes were added to Howard Avenue from Rollins Road to Myrtle Avenue.

A City Bike Map, printed by Sutter Health, is currently available in the library, or by request at the Public Works counter.

Daly City

Pedestrian improvements including crosswalks and countdown signals will be added at the corner of Mission St and John Daly Blvd, and on Mission St. from John Daly Blvd. to Alp St.

Bike lanes, curb ramps, signing and stripping will be added on Lake Merced Blvd. from John Daly Blvd to John Muir Drive.  

Bike lanes will be added to the University/101 overpass between Woodland Ave. and Donahoe St.

Menlo Park

Willow Road 101 Overpass: Caltrans is studying rebuilding and widening the Willow Road 101 Overpass. Currently this is a one lane per direction overpass. The Replacement Bridge has 2-3 lanes per direction. Some of the options for the new design include bicycle lanes.

Ringwood Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge.  The existing Ringwood/US101 bicycle/pedestrian bridge in Menlo Park will be replaced as part of the 101 widening project in this area. At the October 12, 2009 community meeting the bridge design which includes a single straight 7% grade ramp to meet ADA requirements, crosswalk placement and landscaping were discussed.   Future meetings are being planned to work out further details.


The City Council recently approved the addition of a Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan for inclusion in the Circulation Element of its General Plan.


Devil's Slide: A bypass bridge and tunnel to replace the Devil's Slide section of Highway 1 is under construction. A preliminary review of the plan shows a wide shoulder on the bridge and in the tunnel which would allow for bicycle accessibility.  The construction is between 2nd St in Montara and Linda Mar  Blvd. in Pacifica.  

Additional information:

Redwood City

The Villa Montgomery Streetscape improvements will include crosswalks, and sidewalk and lighting enhancements  downtown.  

San Carlos

Holly Street 101 Overcrossing Traffic Congestion Mitigation: Holly Street traffic congestion is projected to significantly worsen when the recently approved Palo Alto Medical Foundation  (PAMF) and the Transit Village projects are built.   As a condition of approval for its project, the PAMF was required to pay the City of San Carlos $5M to mitigate the traffic impacts.  San Carlos has implemented a 4 to 6 month study  to determine the how to apply these funds to reduce the traffic congestion on Holly Street along with improvements to pedestrian and bicycle access to the Holly/US101 overcrossing. The Draft Report, due September 2009, is projected to be adopted in October 2009. The limitations on possible changes are; 1.) no new structures (no new overpasses); and 2.) no relocation of any property owners on Holly or other affected streets. The goal is to have the changes done by 2012, although the PAMF project is currently on hold and this may delay the implementation.
Oct 28 2009 Community Information Meeting, San Carlos Public Library
November 17 2009 T&C Commission to receive presentation of alternative analysis
December 15 2009 T&C Commission to consider approving report
Jan 2010 City Council to consider approving the report
For more details go to:
For the presentation given at the 7/21/09 study session go to:


 San Mateo

Bay Meadows Phase II. The bicycle route which connects Pacific Boulevard to Delaware Street remains open through construction. This path might be closed for brief periods during the construction. To check the current status go to:  select construction info and then select bike path status.

The 4 lane replacement Peninsula Ave/101 overpass will have 6' sidewalks and 5' bike lanes in each direction with expected completion date of summer 2010.
Additional information at: Contact Karen Riley with the City of San Mateo at

The Monte Diablo Bike/Ped Bridge replacement opened in May 2008.

Hillsdale Bike/Pedestrian Bridge over 101: The final proposal for bicycle/pedestrian bridge over 101 on the south side of Hillsdale connecting Saratoga Drive with Norfolk Avenue is complete. The San Mateo Public Works Commission has approved the proposal and it is expected that the City Council will add it to the Circulation Element of the General Plan. As yet there is no source of funding to build this project; so it may sit on the shelf for a few years.

19th Avenue 101 Overpass Bicycle Lanes: San Mateo was awarded TDA funding of $50,000 to install safety fencing on the north side of 19th Avenue over Highway 101and bicycle lanes to both sides of the street. The project has been completed.

Station Park Green TOD (transit oriented development) is in the planning stages at the site of the current K Mart at the northwest corner of South Delaware and Concar Drive. The plans for this include up to 599 residential units, 10,000 to 45,000 square feet of office space and 25,000 to 60,000 square feet of retail space.
Weblinks for Project PA07-030:    Planning Commission Administrative Report Specific Plan Webpage for this project Traffic Analysis

San Mateo County

San Mateo County Master Bicycle Plan: For the first time since being released in 2000, The San Mateo County Comprehensive Bicycle Route Plan is being updated. The update process was started in August 2010, the draft plan is to be released December 2010-Januarary 2011 with the final plan being released Feburary 2011. More information at: San Mateo County Master Bike Plan update.

The newly issued San Mateo County Bicycle Map is available at City Halls throughout the County or from:
Tom Madalena
C/CAG of San Mateo County
650-599-1460 direct
650-361-8227 fax

San Mateo County Department of Parks

The Crystal Springs Regional Trail (CSRT) South of Dam Project is part of the 24.3-mile CSRT that stretches from the City of San Bruno to the City of Woodside. San Mateo County is designing a new section of the Crystal Springs Regional Trail. This section will be created from an existing 4,480-foot-long service road that starts approximately 1,300 linear feet south of the Crystal Springs Dam on Skyline Boulevard and ends just north of Highway 92 on Skyline Boulevard. The new trail follows the contours of the Crystal Springs Reservoir and has San Francisco Watershed lands on both sides. Existing gates at the north and south ends of the service road will be replaced to accommodate pedestrian, bicycle and equestrian use as well as maintenance vehicles. Benches, informational and entry signs, kiosks and a restroom will be added to support the visitor experience. An application was submitted to the State Parks Department for grant funding of $350,000.Official award decisions are expected around July 1, 2010.

Construction Plans (.pdf): Available at google group bikesmc CrystalSpringSouthofDam pages 1 and 2

Link to County Parks Webpage with more plans:

South San Francisco

The City of South San Francisco is currently preparing its first Bicycle Master Plan. City staff is working closely with a planning consultant, the South San Francisco Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC), and members of the community to provide a comprehensive plan that meets the State's strict guidelines.
The Bicycle Plan will identify the existing bicycle facilities in the City, future bicycle facilities that are required, and a priority list for improvements. It will allow the City to apply for State bicycle improvement grants, as well as identify shortcomings in our existing bikeway system. The Bicycle Plan will include preparation of the required entitlements and environmental documents. The Planning Commission will need to approve the Bicycle Master Plan since it will amend the General Plan Transportation and Circulation Element. After approval is received, the City Council will need to adopt a resolution amending the General Plan to include the Bicycle Master Plan.
For more information on the Bicycle Master Plan, please contact Tracy Scramaglia of the Engineering Division at (650) 829-6652.

The following information on the South San Francisco Bike plan is available at Google Group Bikesmc in the files sections. Or click on the filename below.

Filename                                                                                 Description
SSFBikePlanMapofexistingandproposedprojects.pdf     Map of SSF showing current and proposed facilities
SSFBikePlanPowerpointpresentation91409.ppt              Presentation given at the 9/14/09 public comment
SSFBikePlanPubliccomment.doc                                       Summary of progress and request for comment
SSFBikePlanworkingpaper1draftJuly2009                         Complete draft of the plan being proposed

Centennial Way – South San Francisco’s Spine -- is a Class I/II continuous bicycle and pedestrian path that extends for 3 miles between the South San Francisco and San Bruno BART stations. Safe crossings, including an in-ground lighted crosswalk, were installed where the pathway crosses city streets. It serves as a centralized spine, protected from traffic, with connecting arteries to schools, neighborhoods, parks and businesses. As you walk or bicycle down Centennial Way, you are surrounded by blooming flowers, wild grasses and sights of historic Sign Hill. No one was left out when Centennial Way was planned, including dog lovers. The linear park includes a dog park near Orange Memorial Park at West Orange Avenue.

The South San Francisco portion of the Bay Trail and the bridge over a waterway near the Genentech Campus has reached completion. This continuous 400-mile recreational corridor that will link all nine Bay Area counties and 47 cities around the San Francisco Bay includes a marina, par-courses, fishing points, windsurfing, and picnic spots within the South San Francisco section. For more information on South San Francisco’s Bay Trail, including access points, please go to

The City of South San Francisco Walking & Bike Map was a creative partnership between the City and Kaiser Permanente. It displays the City’s wonderful walking and biking trails, as well as locations of resources and public transportation. Public art sites are marked for added interest and important phone numbers are included. The back side of the map includes tips on safe bicycling and walking in both English and Spanish. Maps are available at most City buildings or can be downloaded by visiting