Google Discussion Group   bikesmc


This is our open, free, public discussion group to share ideas, recent news and events, ask for and give route suggestions, warn about hazards, updates on current campaigns, suggestions for future campaigns and anything else related to bicycling here in San Mateo County.

To use Google groups: Go to, then to the more menu, then click on groups. If you have never used google groups you will need to sign up (signing up is free). After signing up and logging in go to the search box and type in bikesmc. When signing up you have the option to receive an email whenever a message is posted (the best way to stay informed) or you can chose to not receive emailed messages and instead view recent messages at the google group site. Google groups provide a way to communicate, share pictures and other files and allow any group member to post a message.

Note when using google groups: Any message posted is public, is sent to group members and remains posted on the group site. Keep this in mind with your postings, angry or unprofessional comments or replies might not look so clever a few days later. Please be considerate of others and no inappropriate content. Thanks

This group is open for everyone to post discussions, add or edit pages and communicate. Please feel free to start your own discussions, submit your ideas and questions. The purpose is to provide a free and easy way to get and keep in touch.