RIDE YOUR BIKE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Ride to the store, to school, to meet with friends, and to work. Set an example and be a good will ambassador of bicycling. Set a good example of a responsible bicyclist, insist upon your rights are a legal user of our public streets and at the same time as a legal user obey traffic laws, traffic signals and stop signs.

Submit letters to the editor to local papers, keeping your friends and neighbors aware of bicycling and issues affecting bicycling. It is free and can reach thousands of local residents. The best way is to submit an email to the letter sections. Do not submit as an attachment. Submit your letter in the body of your email. Include at the bottom of your email your name, address, phone number and email.  Letters should be no more than 250 words. You could try longer, but it reduces the chance of being published or your letter might get edited.

Submit to the following emails

letters@dailynewsgroup.com               Daily Journal     
letters@examiner.com                         Examiner
letters@mercurynews.com                 San Jose Mercury News
letters@smdailyjournal.com               San Mateo Daily Journal
letters@sfchronicle.com                     San Francisco Chronicle
letter@mv-voice.com                          Mountain View Voice
editor@almanacnews.com               Almanac News

For the San Mateo County Times use the following link and instructions


Join and participate in Bike San Mateo or other bicycle advocacy groups to organize and work as a team to promote bicycle usage and safer bicycling conditions.
Get involved with your city government. Participate in their BAC (bicycle advisory committee) if they have one, encourage them to start one if they do not have one. Attend and speak out at public meetings of the city council, public works, and planning commissions. Ask to be put on their email list for notices of public meetings and agendas. Learn what is going on. Once you learn, let Bikesmc know so we can keep our members informed and updated.
Report and follow up on dangerous conditions.