These are some of our suggestions on specific improvements, which could be made in San Mateo County. Some are simple and cheap; others are much more difficult. We do not expect to make these overnight, but by listing them we can collect feedback on priorities, ensure we remember when opportunities arise to get them resolved and most important provide ideas for members to take action.

Please give us your opinion on these and add additional suggestions.

General County Wide

Review all traffic signals and make sure all detect and function with bicycles. We support bicyclists obeying traffic signals, but if bicycles can not actuate traffic signals, one can have a very long wait for the green light.


Complete the bike lanes and improve Ralston 101 over 101 access and safety. This is shared with Redwood City, as the east side is actually Redwood City. Ralston over 101 is a vital bicycle route to Redwood Shores, Oracle and the Bay Trail, but crossing 101 here by bike is very difficult.


1. Build a connection bikeway at the Millbrae Caltrain/BART station to connect California to Hemlock Ave and Center Street. On the west side of the Caltrain tracks. This would eliminate having to use El Camino Real for this section (which is especially difficult for southbound riders, as it requires two crossings of El Camino Real). This bikeway would significantly improve access to the Caltrain and BART station and eliminate this gap in the north south bike route.

Redwood City

1. Complete the "bridge to nowhere" on the east side of 101. This bike bridge provides a vital north south connection in a bike route on the east side of 101. Currently the bridge is fine, but the approaches were never finished and are mostly impossible to ride dirt paths.

2. Improve the bicycle access and safety on Ralston over 101. This is a vital road to cross 101 and is especially important, as this is the commute route to the Belmont Caltrain station.

San Carlos

Remove the train tracks (unused and blocked off) crossing Old County Road. These tracks are never used and there is a structure in the track preventing a train from even using these tracks. The tracks cross Old County at an angle requiring bicyclists to ride very carefully over the tracks. This would be a significant safety improvement.

San Mateo

1. Complete the bicycle lanes on 19th Avenue over 101. This will significantly improve this already good bicycle route over 101.

2. Add bike lanes the full length of Crystal Springs Road. This is a common bike route to Sawyer Camp Trail. Or even use an existing dirt road on the opposite side of the creek for a 3-4 mile dedicated multi use bike/pedestrian path to a car free road to Sawyer Camp Train. Ok this might be a dream, but it sure would be a local biking and walking path along the creek.

3. Improve the access to the Third Ave Bike/ped Bridge. At Norfolk change the traffic signal to provide an all traffic stop mode to allow bicyclists leaving the bridge direct access to north bound Norfolk or east bound Third Ave. Currently bicyclists need to make multiple pedestrian type crossings to access these streets.

4. Install curb cuts at the new Monte Diablo Bike/ped bridge. This would allow bicyclists to ride directly on to the bridge. Currently bicyclists either have to stop and lift bicycles over the curb or use a near by driveway curb cut and ride/walk on the sidewalk.

North Fair Oaks

Put Middlefield Road on a road diet. Change the current 2 lanes per direction (4 total lanes) to a single through lane per direction with a center common left turn lane. Use the road space gained to add bicycle lanes. Similar to the very successful changes made to Valencia Street in San Francisco.