Crossing 101:  Highway 101 runs the entire length of San Mateo County and crossing this major freeway is a huge barrier for bicyclists and pedestrians. The goal of this campaign is to define the best ways to cross 101 using the current facilities, document the current issues, study for ways to improve and work to make improvements. This is a huge undertaking involving the cities, county and the state (Caltrans).

More Bike Racks This is an ongoing project to identify specific places needing bicycle racks, determine an appropriate design and work to get these installed. Areas needed bike racks or more bike racks can be grocery stores, shopping centers, bookstores, schools, and libraries. Identify where bike racks are needed and we can work together on selecting a suitable design, location and getting them installed.

Old County Road Railroad Crossing: Just south of the San Carlos Caltrain station a set of unused railroad tracks crosses Old County Road. Because these tracks cross at an unusual 45 degree angle, bicyclists either have to swerve toward the center of the road and then turn back to cross perpendicular to the tracks or cross the tracks at an angle increasing the risk of having their wheel drop into the groove along the track. The goal of this campaign is to work with San Carlos to find and implement a way to eliminate this railroad track crossing hazard.

Caltrain Bikes on Board: Caltrains bikes on board program is a huge success, so much that hundreds of passengers with bike are not available to get on their train as the bike cars are filled. Working with other like minded groups we are working to increase on board capacity. Learn about our efforts and how you can help. Bikes on Board is a proven program that is very cost effective, very convenient and very simply really works.


July Fourth Parade: Every year we build a new bicycle pulled float, and invite all our members and their friends to ride in the Redwood City July Fourth parade. In 2009 we build a model of the Golden Gate bridge filled with bicycles, in 2010 we build a model of the Redwood City Climate best by Government Test Arch and in 2011 we build a model of Redwood City's first fire engine. For picture of past parade go to our parade page.