We are frequently asked for  input on local bicycle issues such as city and county bike plans, bicycle impacts from new developments, congestion relief projects and  other projects which could impact bicycling. To provide our input we complete a preliminary draft with members familiar with the issues and then route this to all our members to allow them an opportunity to comment and build a response that reflects our membership.

Links to  recent recommendations

San Carlos Holly Street/101 Interchange Improvements July 2012

South San Francisco Bicycle Plan September 2009

San Carlos Holly Street 101 Overpass Study November 2009

Caltrain Access Goal Development  April 2010

San Mateo  Bicycle Plan July 2010

San Mateo County Bicycle Plan August 2010

MTC Regional Bike Sharing Program December 2010

2011 BikeSMC Endorsements for C/CCAG Project Proposals by SMC Cities

San Mateo County Bike Plan Response to draft plan March 2011

Draft 2012 BART Bicycle Plan

Redwood City Farm Hill Blvd Road Diet November 2012

Ralston Ave Improvement, Belmont July2013