Dad overjoyed after his tiny newborn baby pushes herself up and kisses him back

One new dad was left surprised and delighted during a particularly adorable cuddle with his tiny newborn baby daughter.

Lying on the sofa, with baby Ava snuggled up close on his chest, the happy dad planted a kiss on her cheek, whispering, “I love you too” as he rubbed her back.

He could never have guessed the little girl would push herself up and kiss him right back, despite being barely old enough to lift her own head, before lying back down again.

In a moment described by one person as being “the cutest thing I’ve seen caught on camera”, the proud dad can be seen gasping in disbelief, face lit up with pure joy.

Off camera, Ava’s mum could be heard to be equally thrilled, exclaiming “oh my god!” with great surprise and excitement.

A TikTok vid of the kiss, captioned ‘I can’t believe Ava really did that’, has clocked up more than 12.3 million views at the time of writing and counting, warming hearts all across the globe.

One emotional person commented: “She will never do anything wrong in his eyes from now on.”

Another wrote: “I don’t care what the development books say, that baby just kissed her dad!”

A third person described the clip as “the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life”, while a fourth declared, “That is in my eyes the most beautiful display of love I have ever seen and felt.”